How to Suck a Bandwith Wifi with CMD

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb

On this occasion, I will share tricks already not strange anymore, but can be used.
How to Suck Bandwidth wifi with CMD.

What's Bandwidth
Bandwidth can be defined by the size of the data transfer has been done by your website. Bandwidth is influenced and determined by the number of visitors, number of pages dikujungi and also the size of the files that are accessed.

What's CMD
CMD (Comamand Prompt) is one form of a computer interface.
How to Open a CMD
Icon Press Windows + R (RUN) and type CMD, enter.

Cara Sedot Bandwith Wifi dengan CMD

If it has been understood, let us proceed.

How to Suck Bandwidth Wifi
1. Open CMD
2. Type ipconfig / all, it will open the Windows IP Configuration
Cara Sedot Bandwith Wifi dengan CMD
  3. Find the DNS Server: [emerging figures as above] * note: wifi DNS each is different, so adjust the DNS servers on your wifi connected.
4. Copy / write these numbers (
5. Open CMD back
6. typing ping -l 500 [DNS Server / numbers that had been copied] t * Note: 500 is the amount of bandwidth that you want. can be transformed into any (1000 or 2000).
7. Enter
8. It will appear like this
Cara Sedot Bandwith Wifi dengan CMD

A few enough, thanks
Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb


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