How to Lock/Unlock Anyone’s Facebook ID/Profile/Account?

Step 1:- Just send this message to your Victim (your Facebook friend) whom you want to get lock their Facebook account.
 http:// 34255353309
Step 2:- And ask them to do 3 favor for you. First ask them to copy that link. Then ask them to remove the Space left after http://. Then finally ask them to paste that link in their status or in the form of comments in Facebook through their account.

The Link should be like this (http://34255353309) Space is removed from my side. If you try this in your facbook account with space then your account will be locked temp. So be caution before using this trick on your Facebook account.

Step 3:- That’s it! Once they do this, their account will be locked as soon as they did 😀 Quite funny and interesting? Yes! it will be? Have some fun.
If your Facebook account is temporary Blocked then don’t worry about it. It can resolved again by following a simple trick which added below. If your Facebook ID/Profile/Account is temporary blocked then follow this method,

Step 1:- When you see “Your Account is Temporary Locked”, just Click the Continue.
Step 2:- Then complete a security challenge by entering the captcha.

Step 3:- Now confirm your ID by Answering your security question, Mobile/Phone Number verification or by Identifying your friends on Facebook. That’s it! Have some fun and make your friend prank with this trick.

Summing up

Hope this post ends with another awesome trick and informative things about Locking and Unlocking Facebook ID/Profile/Account in 3 steps. If you’re facing any issues then share it with us in comments below. We try our best to fix them all asap. If your feel that this post helped you a lot then make a share of this post with your friends via social media networking sites. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments below!

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